Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's a Google Alert?! - Blog Tools Tuesday

Do you ever wonder "Who's Talking About You?" or using your content?? #googlealerts
Well, look no further than.. GOOGLE ALERTS!!!
I've been using Google Alerts for over two years now and I love it!!

Google Alerts gives you email updates of Google results based on your choice of topic.  You enter the topic (i.e. giveaways) or domain (i.e. http://theblocafe.org) and you will received the results of any content on the web using the topic or domain name you set the alert up for, by email.

I love this option because I am able to control what blogs or sites use my information from my website.

Google Alerts allows you to set up your alerts the you want. I set my alerts to email me "as-it-happens", instead of once a day or once a week. This allows me to react quickly, if someone is using my content, to either content them to remove it immediately, or to quickly "thank them" that is helping give exposure to my blog.

So how do you do it? EASY!!

Step 1 - go to Google.com (sign in if needed)
Step 2 - on top bar, click "MORE" to find services and then "EVEN MORE" to be taken to main page of all Google Services.
Step 3 - Now click on "ALERTS" (see below)

Step 4 - Now you are taken to a page to "test" it but I want you to click on "MANAGE MY ALERTS"

Step 5 - Now you will see any alerts you have set-up (if any). If not, here is where you will create an alert. Now Click "NEW ALERT"

This will open a new alert line for you to add your info.
  • Search Terms
    • Your Blog URl goes here if you want to watch your blog.
    • Keyword that relates to your blog, etc.
    • whatever you want, you can put in here.
  • Type
    • Here is where you choose what type of alert you want. I choose "EVERYTHING" but you can choose whichever. 
    • If you want to run a test of which alert would be best, then set up one for each of the choices.
  • How Often
    • Once a Day, Once a week or As-It-Happens are your chioces.
    • I like "As-It-Happens" so if someone has referenced my blog, I can act quickly, whether it be to "thank them", "Comment" or have something removed.
  • Volume
    • Only the Best results, or All Results
    • This is your choice here.
  • Deliver To
    • Email or Feed (your choice)

It's That Easy!!! 
I'd love to hear how you like this Google Alert Service and what your experience is with it.

My Personal Rating for the Google Alert Service is: (I rarely will give a 5 star rating)
My Personal Review:
I like Google Alert Service because it helps me watch to see who is referencing my blogs and how. Great service for being free!! I've actually been able to see someone referenced me and go "thank them" on their blog! Something you wouldnt want to miss!

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