Friday, May 1, 2009

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terms of service

By purchasing any product, design or service from The Blog Cafe, you are agreeing to the following terms of service. Please read all terms carefully before purchasing, as the following conditions will be upheld, and are put into place for the protection of both client (you) and The Blog Cafe (Jen Wright).

Credit Card can be made through Paypal only. I can accept cashier's check/money order by mail. If you choose to do this, it must be the full payment before I will begin on the project. *you do not have to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card.

The Blog Cafe will not issue refunds for any reason. Please respect that this is a service which requires a lot of time and work. Thank you.

You are added to the client wait list as soon as a deposit or full payment is made. The wait time depends on how many clients are ahead of you. If you have a deadline/rush project, please contact me to see how I can help work with you to meet your deadline.  Rush orders can be purchased and put you to the top of the line for an additional fee based on the project.

All clients must fill out the order form.  The order form help me to determine your style, colors and preferences, while guiding me to give you the best package or quote to fit your needs.
All clients are allowed 3 minor revisions to the 'draft'work before completion. (Minor revisions are fonts, minor changes to graphic design).
The client is only allowed 1 major revision.
If a major revision is required (layout, header, new kit or graphics), the client is responsible for all additional costs of kits, graphics, images, or themese, UPFRONT before the design process can be continued and updated.
 If you require more than the allowed "3" minor revisions, you may purchase a $40/hour time block, minimum 1 hour. Installation will not occur until the design is approved, and the balance of fees due are paid in full. Any changes desired after installation will be charged a fee that depends on the type and amount of revisions, to be determined by me.
The design process is a process of communication by email.  It requires the client to be available at any time. As we progress, it will require you approving through the process, requiring the client to respond by email in a timely manner. I do not conduct business by phone so its imperative that you reply within 24 hours.  *If I have not heard from you within 72 hours, the project is put on delay and will be put at the end of the QUEUE (wait list).
I am available by email at (theblogcafe @ or Google talk (theblogcafe @

*If the client needs to postpone any project for any reason, The Blog Cafe (Jen Wright) will need to be notified before the scheduled design date and you will be moved to the bottom of the Client Queue (Wait list).

copyright & credit
All Logo and Branding copyrights are transferred to the client upon final payment.
Wordpress Theme copyright belongs to the theme creator.  The Blog Cafe uses previously created theme and re-designs the components while keeping the theme intact.

The purchase of any work from The Blog cafe is meant to be used on a single project or blog/url. It may not be transferred or used on another blog/url without my permission. (if transferring blog to new home, please just let me know)

If using a "premium theme" for WordPress, I hold the developer's license, so you must surrender the theme license if my work is removed.

>iStock photo/stock photography/professional photographs or images
All graphics, photographs or images must be royalty-free and/or permission to use by original owner so as comply with copyright/license agreements.  Neither Jen wright or The Blog Cafe will be held liable for photos,images, design elements provided by the client. The Client is responsible for complying with the U.S. Copyright Law (even if you live outside the U.S.) and failure to comply may result in legal actions.

>designer credit
All clients are required to keep a button on their blog/site/home page, that informs visitors that it was designed by The Blog Cafe. It will be placed either on sidebar or lowerbar. You may move the button but not remove it.
For WordPress, the credit is placed in the footer of all themes/templates as customized by The Blog Cafe with credit to the Theme Designer, as well.

All designs are created to be compatible with a screen resolution of 1024x768. This is the standard for the internet/web. Designs are created at 300ppi and flattened to 72ppi. NO PSD files are given unless created by The Blog Cafe exclusively and an additional ownership fee of PSD files is paid.

Favicons are available but not guaranteed to show up in every browser. (according to browswer compatibility/availabilty) The Blog Cafe (Jen Wright) cannot be held responsible or liable if the favicon does not appear in every browser.

pre-made templates/designs
Pre-made templates/designs are available to purchase and are a OOAK (one of a kind) design.  All purchases can be made through my ETSY store and you will receive a digital download of your purchase.

account authorization
By entering into a contract with The Blog Cafe (aka Jen Wright), a sole proprietor and independant contractor, the client gives The Blog Cafe (aka Jen Wright) permission to access to web hosting and domain accounts, blogger accounts, photohosting accounts, and shopping cart accounts for the purpose of installing or maintaining product. Passwords should be temporarily changed while The Blog Cafe (Jen Wright) is working on your account. The Blog Cafe will give you a temporary password to use and request that you please change it after the completion of your order. The Client is sole responsible for making sure the temporary password has been removed after completion of installation and cannot be held liable or responsible for any problems, changes, hacking, etc.

Before any installation has taken place, I will require you to 'back-up' all your widgets, components and blog content.
Once that is complete, I can begin.  The Blog Cafe (Jen Wrigh) cannot be held responsible for any content of your site that doesn't upload correctly, I am only responsible for the installation of design elements I create.

browser compatibility (IE,Firefox,Safari,etc)
Designs are created in IE8 to be compatible with most browsers. (each browser has different components so it may not view exactly the same in each browser). Each client is responsible for updating their browsers to the current version available before the design process begins.
Current I use IE8, Firefox3(and above), Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

The Blog Cafe is not responsible nor can be held responsible for the following:
Sales, promotions, income, lack of income, success of website/blog, business or personal blog success, page ranking, or popularity.

Client agress that their design project(s) purchased through The Blog Cafe can be featured on The Blog Cafe. (blogs, websites, and promotional materials, ads, etc.)

client refusal
The Blog Cafe (aka Jen Wright) retains the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. (this is never based on race or nationality)

client referrals
All current clients that have previously purchased a service/design service through The Blog Cafe is eligible for a client referral reward.
In order to receive a reward, you must refer the client to The Blog Cafe (Jen Wright) by email with the subject line as "client referral".  
You must include the name of the potential client (with that persons permission) and the name of their blog/twitter or etsy store link.  When the 'potential client' makes a purchased and their work is completed, you will be contacted by email with the 'reward' you will received.  It is dependent upon the purchase they make. (i.e.  $20 service - 15% discount; $40-$100 package service - $5.00-$15.00 off your next purchase of a $40-$100 package)
The Blog Cafe (Jen Wright) appreciates all the potential clients you send to The Blog Cafe and look forward to 'rewarding' you for your kindness.

privacy policy
The Blog Cafe does not share any client information with any outside parties and we ask that you also do not share my email address with any business ventures, email lists, etc. You may refer clients to The Blog Cafe and if they make a purchase and mention your name, you will be rewarded with a client referral reward.

acceptance of terms and conditions
By submitting your Order form and agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above, you are responsible for following the terms, even if you did not read them.