Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's a Google Alert?! - Blog Tools Tuesday

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Do you ever wonder "Who's Talking About You?" or using your content?? #googlealerts
Well, look no further than.. GOOGLE ALERTS!!!
I've been using Google Alerts for over two years now and I love it!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog Tools Tuesday - How to use your KLOUT

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This week's Blog Tool's Tuesday Tip is "How to use your KLOUT".  Many of you have heard the KLOUT where it shows how much "influence" you have on the internet world (aka followers).  
Do you know how much KLOUT you have? Let's get started!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alexa Blog Hop with #blockpartyhopwednesdays

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Increase your Alexa rating & meet new friends
Alexa Blog Hop: Increase your Alexa rating & meet new friends for 2012!!!

Visit Totally Temberton , Frugal Plus, and The Blog Cafe to join the Alexa Block Party Hop.

1.Our Hop runs for 6 days so to allow everyone time to get theirs listed and follow people back. Please make sure you do follow your CO-HOSTS and leave a review/comment for them.

2. Get the ALEXA Toolbar you can download the Alexa toolbar here.

3. Add your blog name & URL to the linky list below.
4. Please grab our button and post on your sidebar/post to help us spread the word and get more followers.

5. GUEST CO-HOST!!! For 2012 we will be adding GUEST CO-HOST and we will list you at the top with us! You must participate in 1 the hops, follow, and post on your social media and blog to be considered. (feel free to leave us a comment below if you have done all and the link to your posts/status)


(1) Copy the blog link from the hop below and then paste it into the SEARCH BOX at Alexa.
(2) The site’s stats will come up. Click the GET DETAILS button.

(3) The site’s stats will come up again, but this time a bio will be included. Underneath the bio and stats, you’ll see a menu bar. Click on REVIEW. Leave a review for the site.

(4) After Review, please visit their site, leave a comment that you reviewed through Alexa#blockpartyhop.

(5) If someone leaves you a comment saying they’ve reviewed your site, please try to be courteous and give them a review in return. The hosts will be doing reviews too, so EVERYONE in the hop should receive at least two reviews.

(6) Please be courteous and give return reviews from fellow followers. The hosts will be doing reviews too, so EVERYONE in the hop should receive at least two reviews.

GRAB THIS LINKY CODE to add to your BLOG POST or FACEBOOK TAB (yes you can add this to your facebook page/tab using IFRAME (WOOBOX).

Blog Tools Tuesdays - NEW WEEKLY Blogger Tips!

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Welcome to my new weekly blog maintenance tips for 2012!
You will get a new tips, how-to, or important update for you as a blogger with the most important topics to you!

Don't want to miss out on my weekly Blog Tools Tuesdays?  Make sure you are following me/subscribed to my emails and social media sources!
Here is this week's topic - How to add a domain to your blogger account...