Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog Tools Tuesday - How to use your KLOUT

This week's Blog Tool's Tuesday Tip is "How to use your KLOUT".  Many of you have heard the KLOUT where it shows how much "influence" you have on the internet world (aka followers).  
Do you know how much KLOUT you have? Let's get started!

Many of the PR Blogs depend on their stats to help give them more advertisers/sponsors and business and with KLOUT you can better see how you influence your market.
 Activating your KLOUT account is very simple by just using your TWITTER and FACEBOOK account.

How Does Klout Work?
Klout determines your real social media influece by using your Twitter, Facebook and other variables to determine your Klout Score.  Klout has three different measuring scales: True Reach, Amplification Probability and Network Influence. You score is on a scale of 1-100.
Your True Reach is measured by all your comments, tweets, likes and interactions with sharing and feeds. The more engaged you are with your followers and the internet bloggers, the higher your score.
 Here are some examples of how your score is calculated:

Facebook:  Comments, Likes, Posts, Shared, Reposted
Twitter-: Mentions, ReTweets by others
Google +: Comments on page, Reshares of your Posts, +1 of your articles.

They are working to add more factors like blog platforms (Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress) and Youtube, Tumblr, etc.

Don't worry, its just a bunch of fancy words (or SAT words maybe, LOL) that means what is the probable outcome of your influence after you Tweet, Post, Comment, etc.  They use this score to measure the interactions because of topic.  This is actually helpful for you to see what topics have given you the best responses or influence.

3. NETWORK INFLUENCE (Yeah, its what it sounds like... how cool are you?)
This scoring tool is using Klout's own score to determine if you are influential in your network. Silly, I know but, its their company so they get to make the rules. LOL
Is Bigger Better, regarding my network on Klout? No, not necessarily. As I stated above, Klout is looking at your "influence" by people responding, reacting to your content so your goal is to get them to ReTweet, Share, Repost, +1 your content.

Does it Hurt my score to affiliate with someone with low score? No, in fact its the opposite. The more "influence" you have the better your score will be. 

Is it easy to raise my score? Actually No.  The higher the score, the harder it is to raise it, as it should be. Your score is based on a 90-day window, so if you shouldn't see a constantly fluctuating rate/score in the three categories.  If you are inactive for a long period, your score will be lowered but its based on recent activity.       
Klout assigns you a "topic" based on your content and influence, but you can also "add topics" to your account that are what you want to "influence".

What does a +K mean?  The +K is saying to the world that this person has "influenced you in this area/topic".  So for instance, if you have a lot of "recipes" on your blog, you would give them a +K for that topic, showing Klout and the world, they influence you most in that area.

Is there a "leaderboard" for +K's? Yes, there is!  You can have a goal of collecting the most +K's in a certain topic in the 90-day window.  You can receive a special colored "Sash" on your Score as a reward for your accomplishment.

Here are samples of the reward "Sash" that Klout will award you with if in the 90day window you are the Top Leader in +K's:
  • Top influencers detected by Klout receive a GOLD sash. 
  • Top +K recipients receive a BLUE sash. 
  • People who are top +K recipients and top influencers receive a BLUE and GOLD sash.
 Why Should I Use Klout? Well, if you like "rewards", then you might want to try KLOUT.  They feel those with high influence deserve to be rewarded. Klout rewards you with Klout Perks.
What are KLOUT PERKS?  Klout Perks are products and/or experiences that are exclusive and you earn based on your influence.  Some really nice perks are phones and airline tickets.  To find out if you qualify for Perks, you can just visit the Perks Page.
So are you ready to try KLOUT or really learn to "Use Your Klout"? Great!!! I hope this article helped you understand it a little better. 

Did you get "Influenced" by The Blog Cafe to try Klout or try the Klout Hop tomorrow?
Please consider adding me to your Klout Friends and adding a+K to The Blog Cafe. I'm  working hard to give you better articles in 2012 and increase my "Klout". Thanks for your help!!
It's fairly simple to set-up so don't worry.  All you have to do is go to Klout.com and sign-in using your Twitter and Facebook accounts and you are ready to go!
There are some great blog hops already in place to help you gain your followers to increase your stats.  One of those is a blog hop called "Block Party Hop" Wednesdays that I started along with 2 other great ladies, Totally Temberton-Cara & FrugalPlus-Jill.  Each week we feature a new social media hop.  We are one of the first to offer a KLOUT hop to help you increase your stats for your business/blog. Starting tomorrow (Wednesday at midnight, you will be able to link up your Klout!) Please make sure you follow the directions carefully.
We run this hop for 6 days to allow enough time for all the bloggers to participate and follower others  as a "thank you" for those helping you with your stats.Feel free to link up every week with a different social media.  Just grab one of our "Block Party Hop" blog buttons to post on your sidebar as your reminder each week and post about it.  We will have the linky code available for you to use in your blog post or facebook tab post.

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