Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#BlockPartyHopWednesday - Blog It Forward!

It's time for another Block Party Hop!

Last week, we had a very l ow turnout for the Linkedin hop. Unfortunately, 3 links had to be deleted because they were blog links instead of Linkedin links. We really want to encourage participation, but we must ask you to follow the rules. If you make a mistake and put in the wrong link, that's fine. Just please follow up with the correct link! We will keep the correct one and delete the mistake! :)

This week is different. In the past we have been promoting our own links. This week, we will be promoting OTHERS. Please "Blog It Forward" by choosing a blog that you love and enter that blog's link and information into the form. Please feel free to enter more than one! The more, the merrier! :) We especially encourage you to promote a NEW blog to help that blog grow, but it isn't mandatory.

By now, you probably know the drill...

Family-friendly links ONLY.

This week, please link ONLY to a new or favorite blog that you wish to promote (not yours).

You are encouraged to post the button on your blog to help us spread the word. Also, we have a hashtag: #BlockPartyHopWednesday. Don't be afraid to use it! :)

As always, thanks to my sweet friends/co-hosts - Cara of Totally Temberton and Jill of Frugal Plus - for making this great hop possible.

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