Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#BlockPartyHopWednesday - GFC Follow!

It's time for another Block Party Hop!

We really want to encourage participation, but we must ask you to follow the rules. If you make a mistake and put in the wrong link, that's fine. Just please follow up with the correct link! We will keep the correct one and delete the mistake! :)
See the Week order below. Since this is the first week of October, we are starting over with #1 - GFC.
  1. GFC (follow)
  2. Twitter (follow)
  3. Facebook (follow)
  4. Email (subscribe)
  5. Alexa (follow and/or review)
  6. Linked-In (connect)
  7. Blog It Forward (show some love by linking a blog you like)
It's GFC week. ONLY link up if you have Google Friend Connect on your blog. Please follow all 3 hosts via GFC and, as a courtesy to other participants, please follow at least 2 more new blogs.

We’d love it if you would place the button to the Blog Hop somewhere on your page, whether it’s on your sidebar, a “Blog Hops” page, or a separate post. Please help us support this blog hop! The "Grab Me" code is below. :)

By now, you probably know the drill...

Family-friendly links ONLY.

This week, please link ONLY to a new or favorite blog that you wish to promote (not yours).

You are encouraged to post the button on your blog to help us spread the word. Also, we have a hashtag: #BlockPartyHopWednesday. Don't be afraid to use it! :)

As always, thanks to my sweet friends/co-hosts - Cara of Totally Temberton and Jill of Frugal Plus - for making this great hop possible.

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