Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#BlockPartyHopWednesday -Alexa Hop

The Block Party Hop - a weekly hop featuring a different social network each week to meet new people and increase your rankings and followers.
This Week's Social Hop - WEEK #5

GFC (follow) – Week 1
Twitter (follow) – Week 2
Facebook (follow) – Week 3
Subscribe by Email (or RSS) – Week 4
Alexa (follow and/or review) – Week 5
Linked-In (connect) – Week 6
Blog It Forward (show love by linking a blog you like) – Week 7

HOSTED by your Friendly Neighbors:

Jill - Frugal Plus

Cara - Totally Temberton

Jennifer (Me!) - The Blog Cafe

In order to participate in the Alexa hop, please link to your blog’s main page. Do not link to Twitter, Facebook, a specific post, or anything else. BLOG LINKS ONLY. The hop will be moderated this week. Hop links will not appear until they have been approved by a host! Please review at least two blogs (including your hosts) that appear in the list BEFORE your link. If you are the last to link, don’t worry. The hosts will be doing reviews too. We expect that every participant will receive at least TWO Alexa reviews as a result of this hop. If you cannot commit to doing two, do not link. It is not fair for you to get two reviews, if you aren’t going to do two. Of course, it is always acceptable – and encouraged – for you to do more than two reviews. When you do review a blog, PLEASE let the blogger know!

To review a specific site on Alexa:

(1) Copy the blog link from the hop below and then paste it into the SEARCH BOX at Alexa.
(2) The site’s stats will come up. Click the GET DETAILS button.
(3) The site’s stats will come up again, but this time a bio will be included. Underneath the bio and stats, you’ll see a menu bar. Click on REVIEW.
(4) Leave a review for the site.
(5) Once you’ve reviewed a site, please visit the actual site and leave a comment letting them know you reviewed them as part of the Block Party Hop.
(6) If someone leaves you a comment saying they’ve reviewed your site, please try to be courteous and give them a review in return. The hosts will be doing reviews too, so EVERYONE in the hop should receive at least two reviews.
(7) We understand that there are times when you just won’t “connect” with a site and don’t want to review it. That’s OK. Just review a different site in the hop.
(8) Thanks for participating and have FUN discovering some new blogs

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