Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Techie Tuesday - Twitter Success with #followfriday!

Are you looking for followers for your Twitter account?!
Here is how you quickly and instantly grow your followers on Twitter...

Have you heard of #followfriday, but not sure what it means?
Are you even more confused about the # (hashtag) that people put on the end of of their tweets?

If you are like me, when you first sign-up for something, you think it will be easy and then all of a sudden its complicated with rules, symbols and then you are frustrated.
Well, hopefully, I can take a little bit of that frustration away for you from my own research and experience.

First, lets talk about the hashtags that seem to be a "key element" for tweeting on Twitter.  The hashtags is also knows as the (#) pound key as some refer to it or number key.

Twitter uses the hashtags as a way to organize information that is tweeted on Twitter, like #followfriday.

How do you know if a hashtag is a popular one to use that people will search on? Easy, go to the search tab on Twitter and do a search for the hashtag you want to use.

You don't want to overuse hashtags so reserve them for key content, not everyday posts.

Keep your hashtags short and sweet too.

Now, lets discuss how #followfriday works and how you can get started this Friday!

Every Friday, thousands of tweeters use this hashtag to gain followers and find other people to follow on Twitter.

If you think of #followfriday as a Twitter game, it will be much more fun, than daunting.
  1. #followfriday is a Twitter 'game' that helps you choose people to request to follow you on twitter. Use this link to go search for #followfriday
     Tip* - You can choose the link on the navbar on twitter "Who to Follow" and it will take you to a suggested list. You can browse by interest categories if you don't want to search by #followfriday.

   2.  How to suggest people for others to follow on #followfriday?

    On your tweet, list the people you'd like to recommend others to follow and then add '#followfriday' in the tweet anywhere, so it will be posted.
Don't forget the hashtag (#) or it won't show up in the search.

Example* - #followfriday Giveaway Blogs: @frugalplus @simplystacie @kellysluckyyou @annasmama0702

    3. How to organize your followers lists.

    First, I know you are saying... "THERE ARE LISTS???", LOL!
Yes, you have the option to create lists to categorize your followers. You also can decide if the list you create is Public (seen by everyone) or Private (only you to see). 

I LOVE this option because I like to know how and where I found people or they found me. Also, if I only want to view certain tweets, i can do it by category/list.

So, when you click HOME tab, then LISTS.  You will then "create a list" and include the name/title, include a description (optional), and if its private/public.

Example* - #followfriday (title of list); TwitterHop Followers (title of list); 

**NOTE** Don't forget about Twitter hops, just do a search on google, bing, yahoo, to find the latest ones during the week, to join to promote your site, even more, for FREE!

I'd love to hear how you organize your lists, so please comment below on this article.

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I hope this article was helpful. If you found this helpful, please tweet about it by clicking the tweet widget below. Thanks!!

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I really like this option for Bloggers because its FREE and you can control the followers.

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