Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Techie Tuesday - Networked Blogs

Do you have a blog and want more followers? #networkedblogs
Do you have a Facebook Account?
Then you have all you need to get started to open a Networked Blogs account to now expose your Blog to thousands and thousands of readers!

1.  Log into your Facebook account.
2.  Now you need to add the Networked Blogs Application to your Facebook Account. - Click here.

3.  After you are in the Networked Blogs Page you are ready to begin.
Step 1 - Click on "+Register a Blog" Button (see circled area below).
     Just fill out the information requested then click NEXT.
STEP 2 - They will ask if you are the AUTHOR of this blog.
Step 3 - Now you must verify ownership. Use the widget option.
Step 4 - Choose which widget you want to use to verify your site. Then copy/paste code and place in your sidebar. Open your blog in another tab on your browser to do this.

Step 5 - Once you have placed the widget on your site and saved it. Go back to your other tab to Networked Blogs and click VERIFY WIDGET., if it successful, click NEXT. **note** if it doesnt verify the widget, I would move it to different place on blog or make sure its not on one of your other blogs accidentally if you have more than one.

Step 6 -  Now you are ready to "SET-UP  SYNDICATION" you should see a page similar to the one below. Click the button (circled).
Step 7 -  Now you can tell it to post your articles to your personal profile or to any FAN PAGE you already have set-up. DONE!

My Personal Rating for the NETWORKED BLOGS APP is: (I rarely will give a 5 star rating)
My Personal Review:
I think Networked Blogs is great so that it makes it easy to post your articles to your fan pages, personal profile, etc. But I will say in my experience with other clients, you will sometimes have a problem where it doesnt post your article that day. its rare but it happens and usually networked blog employees are on top of it and get it back up as quickly as possible. They have a decent forum for you to post any problems you have.

Additional Help: I know installing and set-up of these fan pages and/or Networked Blogs  can be overwhelming so I am here to help. If you need additional help installing or setting up your plugins, I offer two options.

You can purchase the Networked Blogs Installation option for $12 (install only) and/or for set-up of your facebook pages as well. you can hire me from my blog maintenance packages by the hour for any work that isnt listed in my regular accessories/maintenance..

Blog Maintenance Packages
*these maintenance services are not for ala carte items. This is for helping with set-up of already installed plugins or widgets, adding content to your site, instructions, training, facebook assistance, twitter assistance, networked blogs, blog frog, etc.

Express Maintenance: $15-half hour

Basic Maintenance- $25-one hour 

Deluxe Maintenance- $45-two hours 

Supreme Maintenance (up to 4 hours) - $70

You must use any of the time packages within the 2 weeks of purchase date, no extensions are allowed.

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