Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Techie Tuesday - How to Set-up a Facebook Fan Page thats Successful

Are you looking for a way to reach more readers and for it to be "FREE"?
Then look no further than, FACEBOOK FAN PAGES!!
Here is how you quickly and easily can set-up a FACEBOOK FAN PAGE...

Facebook Fan Page Features: A fan page lets you grow as large in size/followers as you want, can keep your personal identity hidden (optional) and can send updates to as many people as want.

Set-Up Instructions:
1.  Scroll to bottom of Facebook and click on ADVERTISING; then click on Facebook Page under Deepen Your Relationships (overview tab)  

2.  Now click on the Create a Page (button).

3.  To begin creating your Fan Page of your Blog choose

Official Page
  >Create a Page for a:
     >"Brand, Product or Organisation"
       and then choose "Website" in sub menu.

  >Type in your Page Name (name of blog);
  >Check the box;
  >and to complete, click - Create Official Page 

Promoting Your Fan Page:

Blog Hop:
Now that you have your Fan Page, you need Followers.
You need to "Invite" people to follow your page.
Join Facebook Like You Back hop weekly at Kellys Lucky You.

Facebook Badge:
Add a Facebook Badget to your blog/site, so your visitors/readers can quickly and easily "like" your page to start receiving your posts on their feed.
1.  Go to your Profile on Facebook. Scroll down on left sidebar and click Add a Badge to your site. 

2. Choose "Like Badge" and then choose your Fan Page and copy/paste code into a HTML/Text Widget on your blog/site and post.

My Personal Rating for this facebook fan page is: (I rarely will give a 5 star rating)
My Personal Review:
I really like this option for Bloggers because its FREE and the amount of exposure is unlimited.

Additional Help: I know installing and set-up of these fan pages can be overwhelming at times, so I am here to help. If you need additional help installing or setting up your plugins, I offer two options.

You can hire me from my blog maintenance packages by the hour.

Blog Maintenance Packages
*these maintenance services are not for ala carte items above. This is for helping with set-up of already installed plugins or widgets, adding content to your site, instructions, training, facebook assistance, twitter assistance, networked blogs, blog frog, etc.

Express Maintenance: $15-half hour

Basic Maintenance- $25-one hour 

Deluxe Maintenance- $40-two hours 

Supreme Maintenance (up to 4 hours) - $70

You must use any of the time packages within the 2 weeks of purchase date, no extensions are allowed.

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  1. Thank you for the info. I am so new at this that I am completely overwhelmed at times. I was trying to figure out how to get more "likes" and you've helped me with that, too!

    Oh, and here's a shameless promotion of my facebook page!