Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Block Party Hop - Twitter

This is Week 2 of Block Party, a New Blog Hop from your friendly blog neighbor's Jill of Frugal Plus, Jennifer of The Blog Cafe, and Cara of Totally Temberton. Each  week, the hop will have a different theme.  Once we have rotated  through them all, we will begin again.  We started last week.  That means the theme for this week is TWITTER!  The themes and order are as  follows:

GFC (follow) - Week 1
Twitter (follow) - Week 2
Facebook (follow) - Week 3
Email (subscribe) - Week 4
Alexa (follow and/or review) - Week 5
Linked-In (connect) - Week 6
Blog It Forward (show love by linking a blog you like)  - Week 7

We realize that not every blogger  will have every type of account.  So, we're letting you know now in  case you want to make any additions before a specific hop begins.  Of course, participation in any given week is optional.  But, we hope you'll be able to join us in the neighborhood every week!
We all maintain family-friendly  sites; therefore, we kindly request that you keep that in mind when you  place a link in our hop.  Please be honest with yourself - and us - in  assessing whether or not your site is an overall good fit for our hop.   We appreciate it!

Please join us this week for our Twitter hop.  Please add ONLY your Twitter link.  Please follow all 3 hosts via Twitter and, as a courtesy to other participants, please follow at least 2 additional new Twitter accounts.

We’d  love it if you would place  the button to the Blog Hop somewhere on   your page, whether it’s on your  sidebar, a “Blog Hops” page, or a   separate post. Please help us  support this blog hop.  Here at Totally Temberton, you need to grab the  code from the right sidebar, as it doesn't appear properly within a post.


Family Friendly blogs/sites ONLY.
This week is for Twitter; please link ONLY to your Twitter account.
Follow your hosts.  Do NOT link, if you are not going to follow! We *will* delete you.
To be fair to other participants, please follow at least 2 additional Twitter accounts.
Please consider helping us spread the word by posting the blog button, tweeting, etc.

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