Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life has bumps..

I wanted to let you all know that I appreciate so much the work you have sent my way.
At this time in our life we are dealing with a family situation with our 16 yr old daughter. She has chronic migraines (which means permanent, 24/7 all the time) and this has caused a lot of dr. appointments and things lately.

I saw this to let you know that my time is limited in what work I can accept at this time. I am currently working with two WP clients and some blogger clients. So at this time I have no openings for new WP clients but if you have a blogger site, I should have no problem finding a space for you.  If you only need an item (ad button, blog button, networking buttons, etc) this is definitely something I can fit in easily for you.

I appreciate your understanding and patience while our family is dealing with this issue. With the medical bills piling up, its imperative that i continue working and please know that all your orders are helping our family both with the adoption and now our daughters health/ medical bills.

She lives in pain 24/7 with a constant migraine that never stop and has been since Oct 2009. Her neurologists are trying but its a hit or miss and so far nothing has worked or helped but we are trusting God and hopeful.
The problem is that she can no longer read or write without pain increasing so she is at a halt with school and we homeschool. So we are trying to find new ways to homeschool her to not increase her pain.

Thanks to all my prior clients and future clients. I cannot say thank you enough for your understanding and patience and of course your orders to  help keep me busy and help our family financially. Every single order is a blessing to our family and we pray blessings on you and your family.


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