Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gift Certificates - Great Gift for anytime and anyone!!!

Did you forget a friend, sister or fellow blogger for their birthday? or maybe you need a quick gift for a friend just to give them a "pick-me-up"?

Order a Gift Certificate!  I can do them in any amount you need but here are the quick new build-a-blog package amounts... $35*, $60, $85, $115. (*based on personal blog).  

I can do it through paypal to make it quick and easy! I have a printable GC or I can email the blogger or you can with the special gift just from you!

Check out my...twitter and facebook to sign up to get special deals only through those links!!!

Feel free to look around and if you have any questions, just contact me and I'll do my best to answer any question.

If you don't see something on my menus, please do not hestitate to ask, I might be able to accommodate you with a Special Order Request.

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