Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Terms of Design Service

  • Review the Design Packages for Blogger and/or Wordpress and fill out the order form.
  • Upon completion and submission of the order form, you will be re-directed to Paypal where you need to pay 50% deposit to have your name and order placed on the design queue list.
  • You will receive an email confirmation after your deposit payment/order form submission, with details of design queue date and questionnaire.
  • Rush Orders are now available for additional $75, to be placed at the top of the design queue. This does not affect the current clients deadlines.  You will be added in addiiton to current clients to begin with 24-48 hours on next business day after payment clears.

  • Placing an order without payment is considered "ON HOLD" and will be placed on different waiting list called "ORDERS ON HOLD" until a 50% deposit is completed through Paypal.
  • Any maintenance plans purchased must be paid in full upfront before work begins and they expire within 2 weeks of purchase date.
  • Any orders under $40 must be paid in full upfront before design work can begin.
  • Payments at this time are only accepted via Paypal. You may pay with debit card or credit card through Paypal if you do not have paypal account.
  • After final approval of your design order, you will receive an invoice of the balance due immediately. Upon payment of balance and clearance through paypal of receipt of payment, your design order will be delivered/installed.  This includes all items ordered in addition to original order during the design process or extra fee accrued during the process.

  • You must place a 50% deposit through paypal before you will be placed in the Design Queue (wait list).
  • You are placed at the bottom of the Design Queue upon deposit payment. If you need a RUSH ORDER, you can pay additional $75 upfront, to be placed at the top of the Design Queue to begin work within 24-48 hours on the next business day.
  • Being placed in the Design Queue, you will be given an approximate "begin date". This is the date you should expect to receive a frist draft ofyour design, if your questionnaire form was received and confirmation of receipt by me, within 2 days of order.
  • I do not allow RUSH ORDERS if I am fully booked so as to not fall behind with current clients that ordered before you. Please understand that every client is very appreciated and important to me, so I want to be as fair as possible.

  • I have two forms of communication: E-Mail and Chat. I prefer email, sothat I have a record of requests being made and conversations to look back on while designing.
  • I know have a LIVE CHAT box available on my website, so if you need to ask a quick question, I'm available. Please remember, e-mail is the best form of communication with me.
  • Once you are in the Queue, I need you to be available anytime to reply to emails to make your design order move quickly, so as to not fall behind on other clients or push others waiting in line, further back.  If I do not hear from you for 7 days or more at any time during your design process after I've sent you the first draft, you may be moved the bottom of the queue.  If you will be on vacation,away from computer, or sick, please just email me (or have a family member let me know).
  • If you will respond quickly to my edits after the first draft is submitted, the design process can move fairly quickly. I usually will tell you if it will be more than a day before you will get another draft. Communication is key for this to work well and quickly for both of us.

  • Please try to edit the "subject line" in your emails to the content of your email. this helps me when I look back for information, quickly with the amount of emails I receive.
  • You have unlimited drafts on your blog design! (new!) Please keep all replies to the drafts on one single email. (With gmail, it helps if I have one email with several replies).
  • Each draft can take 1-3 days, depending on the  degree of edits and how many you requested.
  • If you need any edits after installation is complete (order is closed), I will be happy to quote you or you can order maintenance time which is paying me by the hour to work for you.
  • You are responsible for backing up your blog content and having it for recovery if something is to go wrong. The Blog Cafe/Jennifer Wright cannot be held responsible for the content of your blog, content ofyour widgets, pages or extras on your blog. Please make sure you open NOTEPAD and make manual backup of your widgets/photos, etc.
  • Upon CONFIRMATION ofyour FINAL DRAFT,any other requested changes will be charged at $35/hour.
  • All layouts, design kits, graphics provided are the sole property of The Blog Cafe.
  • You may NOT alter any designs made by The Blog Cafe without express permission.
  • Upon installation, you are agreeing to keep my The Blog Cafe-Blog Button/Logo with a link back to me. If it is removed while keeping my design work, you will be in violation of the terms of agreement of The Blog Cafe.
  • Not any part of my design work may be reproduced for any reason at any time. This included but is not limited to: HTML, FONTS, IMAGES, BUTTONS, BLINKIES, TEMPLATES or anything I've designed, given via e-mail or uploaded within your site, blog, template without permission.
  • You agree not to alter, share, edit the design work by The Blog Cafe, with anyone for any reason or claim them as your own.  You may add or remove sidebar gadgets that are not directly related to The Blog Cafe.
  • Due to the nature of blog design and the labor intensive work involved, I do not offer refunds at this time. If you have been placed in the design queue and change your mind after you sent payment of your deposit, I can hold your deposit as a credit for a future order. All Deposits are non-refundable as of January 1, 2010.
COMPATIBLITY (Firefox, IE, etc.)
  • The Blog Cafe designs for you with testing to be compatible (at the time of the design order installation) with the latest Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers and most others.  I cannot be held responsible for assuring exact compatibilty, as each browser has its own settings and updates which change quickly and often.
  • The Blog Cafe has the right to refuse service to anyone that has vulgar language, partial nudity, nudity, pornography, or immoral type content on their site.
  • I am a Christian wife and mother and will refuse to design for anyone that hosts a site/blog that has vulgarity, any kind of nudity, partial or full nudity, pornography or immoral type content that I deem inappropriate.
  • If you place an order and pay a deposit and are refused service, you will be given back your full deposit, minus Paypal fees.
  • Upon completion of order and installation, you are in agreement for us to use a picture of your header and/or blog button or components designed for you with a link to your blog so others can see examples of my work.  If you would rather not have your blog linked to the header, please let me know.
  • Upon installation, your blog will be shown in our blog with links back to your blog.
  • Upon installation of your design work/complete blog redo, you will be given 3 months FREE advertising on our site.
  • Once you are a client, you are allowed a discounted rate for advertising of only $10/month or $25 for 3 months.